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pako-fashion stands for ...

As a company, we have a responsibility towards the people who work for us around the world, towards society and towards the environment and climate. We are aware of this responsibility and regularly ask ourselves whether what we do and how we do it lives up to this responsibility. Mindfulness, appreciation and respect are the basis for our decisions.

Whenever wool comes from an animal, it is of course also important to ensure that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner and that their welfare is maintained - and not just for the sake of product quality.

This must be strengthened along the entire value chain and economic, social and ecological sustainability ensured.

The WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) has developed 10 principles to which we are committed:

  1. Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers

  2. Transparency and accountability

  3. Fair trade practices

  4. Fair payment

  5. No exploitative child labor, no forced labor

  6. Freedom of association, no discrimination and gender equality

  7. Good working conditions

  8. Training and further education

  9. Promotion of fair trade

  10. Protection of the environment

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