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pako logo in dunkel braun
Geschäftsführer Peter Weißengruber mit seinen zwei Söhnen

about us . . .

We are a small, owner-managed company whose goal is to offer textile products of exceptional quality. Social and ecological sustainability are in the foreground. Our products are manufactured in small workshops in Peru and Bolivia using the best materials.

We are particularly interested in improving the living situation of breeders and workers in the countries of origin of South America. The cooperation with the companies is based on partnership, the employees have secure employment and receive fair remuneration.

Geschäftsführer Peter Weißengruber mit seinen zwei Söhnen
Landschaftsbid von Ecuador, aufgenommen bei einer der vielen Reisen nach Südamerika.

“No more, would, should, could. Now it’s time to set sail and cast off the line!”

“One could describe the foundation of pako-fashion in one way or another. After the return from my first trip to Ecuador, it was clear that something would change. It should be a meaningful, self-determined work, ecologically and socially fair, involving everyone involved and enabling them to live a good life. A sustainable economy without exploiting people or nature.“

Peter Weißengruber, Founder

Alpaka in Südamerika


As a company, we face the challenge of embarking on a sustainable development path. It needs people who, every day, make small and large decisions and their behaviours, sustainably challenge the everyday life of the company. We constantly question our daily actions and improvements require understanding and motivation for sustainability. Good quality of life for everyone, now and in the future. Everyone can take charge of their own lives, learn, work, take responsibility for themselves and others. 

Alpaka in Südamerika
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