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Alpaca fashion - Start the new year in style!

Dear customers, partners and friends of pako-fashion,


what a turbulent year 2023 was!

Whether it was inflation, global conflicts or natural disasters, we all had to overcome our own personal challenges.

As a young company, we had to struggle with the economic factors in particular.

But thanks to your support and the trust you placed in us, we were able to overcome many obstacles together.

For this we would like to say THANK YOU!


As we all know, actions speak louder than words.

That is why we want to continue our commitment against "fast fashion" and in favour of sustainability, social justice and fair trade.

We would like to offer you a larger selection of alpaca fashion in the new year and would be delighted if you would join us again in 2024.


Together, we can leave the challenging year 2023 behind us

and continue to make an important contribution to our future in the new year 2024 with a sustainable wardrobe.


Best regards,

Your pako-fashion team

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