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If you want to wash in the washing machine instead of by hand, it must be a special wool wash cycle, never the normal wash cycle. Use a special wool detergent or a small amount of normal detergent. Never use fabric softener, as this would make the fibers stick together!

Alpaca wool has no place in the dryer. The alpaca fiber needs a little care, especially when drying. Never hang your items on a washing line or clothes horse. Alpaca wool should always be dried lying down, even if it takes up a little more space. In the long term, the slightly greater effort will be worth it, as you will be able to enjoy well-cared-for clothes that keep their shape for a long time.

Alpaca wool garments should only be ironed briefly with a damp cloth - or with not too hot steam. This ensures that the material does not lose its excellent elasticity. If you iron with steam, it is sufficient to refresh the wool with puffs of steam. The material does not need direct contact with the iron.

As alpaca is a purely natural product of valuable quality, you should protect it from moth damage during storage - because moths also love alpaca wool. Mothproof your good pieces, especially when storing them for longer periods.

Alpaka Stoff Nahaufnahme


Immerse the clothes in warm water - max. 30° - and wash them carefully with a wool detergent or a mild soap.


Then rinse the soap out thoroughly.


Then carefully squeeze out the excess liquid. Be careful not to wring out the clothing or twist it too much.


If possible, the garment should be dried lying down, even if it takes up a little more space.

Alpaca care

To ensure that you can enjoy your high-quality alpaca wool product for as long as possible, there are a few rules to follow when caring for this high-quality knitwear. The fibre is dirt-repellent and the protein molecules it contains neutralize odours to a certain extent. Accordingly, you can wear your alpaca wool garments more often until they need to be washed - and even then, a night in the fresh air is often enough to get rid of odors.

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